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IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres
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Certificate No.:
IECEx CES 06.0002 issue No.: 0
Date of Issue:2006-07-05Page 1 of 3
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH
Königsberger Allee 87
68307 Mannheim
Equipment:Galvanically Isolated Barrier type HiC 2025 and HiC 2031
Optional accessory:
Type of Protection:intrinsic safety "ia"


[Zone 0] [Ex ia] IIC/IIB/IIA

Approved for issue on behalf of the IECEx
Certification Body:
Mr. M. Balaz

Position:Head of IECExCB

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1. This certificate and schedule may only be reproduced in full.
2. This certificate is not transferable and remains the property of the issuing body.
3. The Status and authenticity of this certificate may be verified by visiting the Official IECEx Website.

  Certificate issued by:
Centro Elettrotecnico
Sperimentale Italiano S.p.A.
Via Rubattino 54
20134 Milano


IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx CES 06.0002
Date of Issue:2006-07-05Issue No.: 0
Page 2 of 3
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH
Königsberger Allee 87
68307 Mannheim

Additional Manufacturing location(s):
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbH
Königsberger Allee 87
68307 Mannheim
Pepperl + Fuchs PTE Ltd.
P+F Building
18 Ayer Rajah Crescent
Singapore 139942


This certificate is issued as verification that a sample(s), representative of production, was assessed and tested and found to comply with the IEC Standard list below and that the manufacturer's quality system, relating to the Ex products covered by this certificate, was assessed and found to comply with the IECEx Quality system requirements. This certificate is granted subject to the conditions as set out in IECEx Scheme Rules, IECEx 02 and Operational Documents as amended.

The apparatus and any acceptable variations to it specified in the schedule of this certificate and the identified documents, was found to comply with the following standards:

IEC 60079-0 : 2004
Edition: 4.0
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 0: General requirements
IEC 60079-11 : 1999
Edition: 4
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 11: Intrinsic safety 'i'
IEC 60079-26 : 2004
Edition: 1
Electrical apparatus for explosve gas atmospheres - Part 26: Construction, test and marking of Group II Zone 0 electrical apparatus
This Certificate does not indicate compliance with electrical safety and performance requirements other than those expressly included in the Standards listed above.

TEST & ASSESSMENT REPORTS:A sample(s) of the equipment listed has successfully met the examination and test requirements as recorded in

Test Report:


Quality Assessment Report:



IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx CES 06.0002
Date of Issue:2006-07-05Issue No.: 0
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Equipment and systems covered by this certificate are as follows

The Galvanically Isolated Barrier type HiC Series is a group of associated apparatus suitable to interface intrinsic safety apparatus placed in hazardous area. Modules contain generally  one analogue channel and provide galvanic insulation between safe and hazardous area up to 375Vdc. Each module is equipped with two connectors, one is for circuitry related to intrinsic safety and the other is for the circuitry not related to intrinsic safety, that make possible either the connection to terminal boards, made up of a mounting chassis and connectors for the supply and the safe/hazardous areas connections, or the direct connections to the module with suitable female connectors type DIN B/3. The model HiC2025 is suitable to supply a 4 ÷ 20 mA SMART transmitter and the module HiC2031 is suitable to drive a  4 ÷ 20 mA I/P (current to pressure converter).

Electrical characteristics of module

Non intrinsically safe circuits

  • Um                        :           253Vrms
  • Tamb                       :           -20°C ÷ +60°C
  • Rated voltage Un     :           19 ÷ 30 Vdc        

Annex: Information about the intrinsic safety electrical parameters has to be taken from the annexe " Intrinsic safety electrical parameters - HiC" of this certificate. 


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