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IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres
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Certificate No.:
IECEx DEK 11.0022X issue No.:0
Date of Issue:2011-04-15 Page 1 of 3

Rosemount Inc.
12001 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie
United States of America

Equipment:Vortex Flowmeter Model 8600D
Optional accessory:

Type of Protection:Flameproof enclosure and/or Intrinsically safe

Marking: Integral meter body and
transmitter: Ex d[ia] IIC T6
Remote transmitter: Ex d[ia] IIC T6
Meter body: Ex ia IIC T6
Approved for issue on behalf of the IECEx
Certification Body:
C.G. van Es

Position:Certification Manager

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1. This certificate and schedule may only be reproduced in full.
2. This certificate is not transferable and remains the property of the issuing body.
3. The Status and authenticity of this certificate may be verified by visiting the Official IECEx Website.

 Certificate issued by:
DEKRA Certification B.V.
Utrechtseweg 310
6812 AR Arnhem
The Netherlands
All testing, inspection, auditing and certification activities of the former KEMA Quality are an integral part of the DEKRA Certification Group.


IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx DEK 11.0022X
Date of Issue:2011-04-15Issue No.: 0
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Rosemount Inc
12001 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie
MN 55344-3659
United States of America

 Additional Manufacturing location(s):
Rosemount Inc.
12001 Technology Drive
Eden Prairie
United States of America
Emmerson Process Management Flow Technologies Co., Ltd.
111, Xing Min South Road
Jiangning, Nanjing
Jingsu Province


This certificate is issued as verification that a sample(s), representative of production, was assessed and tested and found to comply with the IEC Standard list below and that the manufacturer's quality system, relating to the Ex products covered by this certificate, was assessed and found to comply with the IECEx Quality system requirements. This certificate is granted subject to the conditions as set out in IECEx Scheme Rules, IECEx 02 and Operational Documents as amended.

The electrical apparatus and any acceptable variations to it specified in the schedule of this certificate and the identified documents, was found to comply with the following standards:

IEC 60079-0 : 2004
Edition: 4.0
Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres - Part 0: General requirements
This Certificate does not indicate compliance with electrical safety and performance requirements other than those expressly included in the Standards listed above.

TEST & ASSESSMENT REPORTS:A sample(s) of the equipment listed has successfully met the examination and test requirements as recorded in

Test Report:

Quality Assessment Report:



IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx DEK 11.0022X
Date of Issue:2011-04-15Issue No.: 0
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Equipment and systems covered by this certificate are as follows:

The Model 8600D Vortex Flowmeter consists of a cast aluminium electronics housing and an integral or remote mounted meter body / sensor assembly. The sensor signal is converted into a 4  - 20 mA, HART digital, pulse or Foundation Fieldbus output signal.

Ambient temperature range –50 °C to +70 °C.

Electrical data
Power supply: 42 Vdc max.
Remote mounted sensor: in type of protection Ex ia IIC, only to be connected to the associated Model 8600D Vortex Flowmeter electronics. The maximum length of the interconnecting cable is 152 m (500 ft).

When the equipment is installed, precautions must taken to ensure, taken into account the effect of the process fluid temperature, that the ambient temperature of the electrial parts of the equipment lies between -50 °C and +70°C.
The remote sensor shall only be connected to the transmitter with the associated cable supplied by the manufacturer.

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