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IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres
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Certificate No.:
IECEx UL 14.0089X issue No.: 17
Date of Issue:2019-03-25Page 1 of 4
National Instruments Corporation
11500 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin, TX 78759
United States of America
Equipment:Process Control and Measurement Equipment, Compact RIO Modules and Chassis Types cRIO, cDAQ and NI Series
Optional accessory:
Type of Protection:Non-sparking "nA"


Ex nA IIC T4 Gc 

-40°C ≤ Ta ≤ +70°C

-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C

0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C


Approved for issue on behalf of the IECEx
Certification Body:
Lucy Frieders

Position:Staff Engineer

(for printed version)
1. This certificate and schedule may only be reproduced in full.
2. This certificate is not transferable and remains the property of the issuing body.
3. The Status and authenticity of this certificate may be verified by visiting the Official IECEx Website.

  Certificate issued by:
333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook IL 60062-2096
United States of America


IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx UL 14.0089X
Date of Issue:2019-03-25Issue No.: 17
Page 2 of 4
National Instruments Corporation
11500 N. Mopac Expressway
Austin, TX 78759
United States of America

Additional Manufacturing location(s):
National Instruments Corporation
4031 Debrecen
1/A Hatar Street


This certificate is issued as verification that a sample(s), representative of production, was assessed and tested and found to comply with the IEC Standard list below and that the manufacturer's quality system, relating to the Ex products covered by this certificate, was assessed and found to comply with the IECEx Quality system requirements. This certificate is granted subject to the conditions as set out in IECEx Scheme Rules, IECEx 02 and Operational Documents as amended.

The apparatus and any acceptable variations to it specified in the schedule of this certificate and the identified documents, was found to comply with the following standards:

IEC 60079-0 : 2011
Edition: 6.0
Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: General requirements
IEC 60079-15 : 2010
Edition: 4
Explosive atmospheres - Part 15: Equipment protection by type of protection "n"
This Certificate does not indicate compliance with electrical safety and performance requirements other than those expressly included in the Standards listed above.

TEST & ASSESSMENT REPORTS:A sample(s) of the equipment listed has successfully met the examination and test requirements as recorded in

Test Report:


Quality Assessment Report:



IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx UL 14.0089X
Date of Issue:2019-03-25Issue No.: 17
Page 3 of 4
Equipment and systems covered by this certificate are as follows

The cRIO and cDAQ series models may be referenced as XXXX or NI XXXX or cRIO-XXXX or cDAQ-XXXX or NI cRIO-XXXX, where XXXX represents the model number.

The units comprise a measurement system for industrial process applications. The system consists of a maximum of 14 slot active chassis.

The models with DSUB may be referenced as “w/ DSUB”, or “with DSUB”.

The models with BNC may be referenced as “w/ BNC” or “with BNC”.

cRIO-904x models may be followed by TPM.

Please see Annex for additional information. 


  • (For all models except NI 9770) - You must make sure that transient disturbances do not exceed 140% of the rated voltage.
  • The system shall be mounted in an IECEx Certified enclosure with a minimum ingress protection of at least IP54 as defined in IEC 60079-15.
  • The system shall only be used in an area of not more than Pollution Degree 2, as defined in IEC 60664-1.
  • The enclosure must have a door or cover accessible only by the use of a tool.




IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx UL 14.0089X
Date of Issue:2019-03-25Issue No.: 17
Page 4 of 4
 DETAILS OF CERTIFICATE CHANGES (for issues 1 and above):

Issue 1:  Addition of Models cDAQ-9136, cDAQ-9137, NI 9216 w/DSUB, and NI 9226 s/DSUB.

Issue 2:  US/UL/ExTR14.0010/02-Issuing IECEx Certification for the following Models: cRIO-9002, cRIO-9004, cRIO-9012, cRIO-9014, cRIO-9101, cRIO-9102, cRIO-9103, cRIO-9104, cRIO-9151, NI 9201, NI 9201 w/DSUB, NI 9205, NI 9205 w/DSUB, NI 9206, NI 9211, NI 9215, NI 9217, NI 9221, NI 9221 w/DSUB, NI 9233, NI 9401, NI 9411, NI 9472, NI 9472 w/DSUB, NI 9476, NI 9477, NI 9852, NI 9853. Updated Marking Labels and Manuals to include IECEx Certification. 

US/UL/ExTR14.0011/02-Issuing IECEx Certification for the following Models: cRIO 9022, cRIO 9023, cRIO 9072, cRIO 9073, cRIO 9074, cRIO 9075, cRIO 9076, cRIO 9081, cRIO 9082, cRIO 9111, cRIO 9113, cRIO 9114, cRIO 9116, cRIO 9118, cRIO-FRC II, NI 9146, NI 9148, NI 9157, NI 9159, NI 9213, NI 9214, NI 9219, NI 9222, NI 9223, NI 9232, NI 9234, NI 9235, NI 9236, NI 9237, NI9239, NI 9239 w/DSUB, NI 9263, NI 9264, NI 9264 w/DSUB, NI 9269, NI 9375, NI 9375 w/DSUB, NI 9402, NI 9403 w/DSUB, NI 9426 w/DSUB, NI 9467, NI 9469, NI 9478 w/DSUB, NI 9501, NI 9502, NI 9512, NI 9514, NI 9516, NI 9802, NI 9861, NI 9866, NI 9881 and NI 9882.

US/UL/ExTR15.0047/01-Issuing IECEx Certification for the following models:  NI 9136, NI 9137, NI 9147, NI 9149, NI 9154, NI 9155, NI 9209, NI 9212, NI 9216, NI 9216 w/DSUB, NI 9218, NI 9218 w/DSUB, NI 9220, NI 9220 w/DSUB, NI 9222 w/BNC, NI 9223 w/BNC NI 9226, NI 9226 w/DSUB, NI 9230, NI 9238, NI 9242, NI 9244, NI 9260 Mini XLR, NI 9260 w/BNC, NI 9344, NI 9361, NI 9381 w/DSUB, NI 9770, NI 9997, cDAQ-9132, cDAQ-9133, cDAQ-9134, cDAQ-9135, cDAQ-9138, cDAQ-9139, cDAQ-9188XT, cRIO-9030, cRIO-9031, cRIO-9033, cRIO 9034, cRIO 9035, cRIO 9039, cRIO-9063, cRIO 9064, cRIO 9065, cRIO 9066, cRIO 9067, cRIO 9068, cRIO 9074XT, NI cDAQ-9188, NI cDAQ-9181 and NI cDAQ-9184.

Issue 3: Addition of Model NI 9770.

Issue 4: Addition of Model NI 9251 with mini XLR.

Issue 5: New Models cRIO-9032, cRIO-9037, NI 9230 with BNC, NI 9232 with BNC, and NI TB 9212 with mini TC were added to the certificate and Models NI 9862 and NI 9381 with IDC are removed.In addition, drawing are revised to the certificate for the existing models.

Issue 6: Model 9233 was removed and certificate drawings were revised.

Issue 7: Drawing updates and removal of models.

Issue 8: Adding models cDAQ-9171, TRC-8542, TRC-8543, TRC-8546. Changing the backplane Heatsink on models cRIO-9035 and cRIO-9039.

Issue 9: US/UL/ExTR16.0152/00 replaced US/UL/ExTR15.0047 - changing model NI 9209 to NI 9209 w/ DSUB.  Adding models NI 9207, NI 9208, NI 9209, NI 9210 w/ Mini TC and NI 9775.  Removed NI Malaysia as manufacturing facility.

Issue 10: NI 9205: Adding alternate terminal block. NI 9201, NI 9201 w/ DSUB, NI 9221, and NI 9221 w/DSUB: Adding alternate transformer. NI 9205, NI 9206, and NI 9205 w/DSUB had the fuse removed. Adding alternate terminal blocks for models NI 9213, NI 9375, and NI 9264. Adding new models NI 9266, NI 9224, NI 9228, NI 9250 w/BNC, and NI 9145. Adding alternate terminal blocks of models NI 9216, NI 9226, NI 9220, and TB 9212 with Mini TC. Also, addingAdding EMC decoupling capacitors for models TRC-8542, TRC-8543, and TRC-8546. Model cDAQ-9191 was re-added to the certificate due to accidental removal in a previous revision. An alternate connector for models NI 9035, NI 9036, NI 9038, and NI 9039 was added. .

Issue 11: US/UL/ExTR14.0010/04 - Models NI 9425 and NI 9476 names were changed to NI 9425 with DSUB and NI 9476 with DSUB.

US/UL/ExTR14.0011/04 - The BOM drawing of the following models updated: 9208 w/DSUB, 9229, 9207 w/DSUB, 9862, 9871, 9475 w/DSUB, 9870, TB-9214 and 9229 w/BNC.

US/UL/ExTR16.0152/02 - New models NI 9266 with DSUB, cDAQ-9185, cDAQ-9189, NI 9202, cRIO-9045, cRIO-9047, cRIO-9048, cRIO-9049, 9350, 9351, NI 9425, and NI 9476. The BOM drawing of the following models updated: models 9860, 9770, 9184, 9145, 9066, 9067, 9149, 9250 w/BNC. A general PCB drawing for all models was added that contains the minimum CTI value for the PCB’s of all models

Issue 12: US/UL/ExTR16.0152/03 - cRIO-9149 BOM was updated to reflect new PCB revision level. 

Issue 13:  Adding new models cRIO-9040, cRIO-9042, cRIO-9043, NI 9202 with DSUB, and NI 9262 with DSUB. Model NI 9210 and NI 9202 is adding an alternate component. NI 9038 is updating the labels and minor update to BOM. Model NI 9770 is correcting a mistake in documentation. Models NI 9218 and 9218 with DSUB have revised the construction.

Issue 14:  Addition of new models cRIO-9041and cRIO-9046. Updated ratings on previously certified models and updated BOM’s with minor changes not affecting the safety of the product. 

Issue 15: Addition of model NI 9231 and NI 9803.  ExTR US/UL/ExTR18.0076/00 was created to replace US/UL/ExTR16.0152/05.

Issue 16: Addition of models cRIO-9053, cRIO-9054, cRIO-9055, cRIO-9056,  cRIO-9057 and cRIO-9058. Documentation update for NI 9145.

Issue 17: Addition of models NI 9252 and NI 9253.  Updates to labels, drawings, manuals and BOMs. Consolidation of ExTRs US UL ExTR 12.0010, US UL ExTR 14.0011 and US UL ExTR 16.0152.


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