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IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

IEC Certification Scheme for Explosive Atmospheres
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Certificate No.:
IECEx IBE 15.0003X issue No.: 0
Date of Issue:2015-03-31Page 1 of 3
ELMESS Thermosystemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Nordallee 1
29525 Uelzen
Equipment:Heater for gases type DHG..., heater for liquids type DHF... and heater in solid body type DHK...
Optional accessory:
Type of Protection:flameproof enclosure "d", increased safety "e", intrinsic safety "i", protection by enclosure "t"


Ex db e IIB/IIC T6..T1 Gb or Ex db eb IIB/IIC T6..T1
Ex db IIB/IIC T6..T1 Gb or Ex db IIB/IIC T6..T1
Ex db e ib IIB/IIC T6..T1 Gb or Ex db eb ib IIB/IIC T6..T1
Ex db ib IIB/IIC T6..T1 Gb or Ex db ib IIB/IIC T6..T1

Ex tb III C TX Db or Ex tb III C TX
Ex tb ib III C TX Db or Ex tb ib III C TX

-20 °C ≤ Ta ≤ +60 °C

Approved for issue on behalf of the IECEx
Certification Body:
Prof. Dr. Tammo Redeker

Position:Head of Certification Body

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1. This certificate and schedule may only be reproduced in full.
2. This certificate is not transferable and remains the property of the issuing body.
3. The Status and authenticity of this certificate may be verified by visiting the Official IECEx Website.

  Certificate issued by:
IBExU Institut für Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Certification Body
Fuchsmühlenweg 7
09599 Freiberg


IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx IBE 15.0003X
Date of Issue:2015-03-31Issue No.: 0
Page 2 of 3
ELMESS Thermosystemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Nordallee 1
29525 Uelzen

Additional Manufacturing location(s):


This certificate is issued as verification that a sample(s), representative of production, was assessed and tested and found to comply with the IEC Standard list below and that the manufacturer's quality system, relating to the Ex products covered by this certificate, was assessed and found to comply with the IECEx Quality system requirements. This certificate is granted subject to the conditions as set out in IECEx Scheme Rules, IECEx 02 and Operational Documents as amended.

The apparatus and any acceptable variations to it specified in the schedule of this certificate and the identified documents, was found to comply with the following standards:

IEC 60079-0 : 2011
Edition: 6.0
Explosive atmospheres - Part 0: General requirements
IEC 60079-1 : 2014-06
Edition: 7.0
Explosive atmospheres - Part 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures "d"
IEC 60079-11 : 2011
Edition: 6.0
Explosive atmospheres - Part 11: Equipment protection by intrinsic safety "i"
IEC 60079-31 : 2013
Edition: 2
Explosive atmospheres - Part 31: Equipment dust ignition protection by enclosure "t"
IEC 60079-7 : 2006-07
Edition: 4
Explosive atmospheres - Part 7: Equipment protection by increased safety "e"
This Certificate does not indicate compliance with electrical safety and performance requirements other than those expressly included in the Standards listed above.

TEST & ASSESSMENT REPORTS:A sample(s) of the equipment listed has successfully met the examination and test requirements as recorded in

Test Report:


Quality Assessment Report:



IECEx Certificate
of Conformity

Certificate No.:IECEx IBE 15.0003X
Date of Issue:2015-03-31Issue No.: 0
Page 3 of 3
Equipment and systems covered by this certificate are as follows

The heaters for gases, liquids and in solid body, type DHG..., DHF... and DHK... serve for direct or indirect heating of non-flammable liquids or none-explosive gases under operating conditions. They are intended for installation in containers (tanks, machines, flow pipe, machine, metal body etc.). 

The heaters consist of a flameproof enclosure and a termination compartment in type of protection "increased safety". The flameproof enclosures are made of  grey cast iron or they consist of a welded assembly made of steel or stainless steel. The terminal compartment in type of protection "increased safety" may optionally be omitted at the welded enclosures. In this case the flameproof enclosures serves as electric terminal compartment with direct cable entry at the same time.

The heater enclosure can be complemented with suitable and certified Ex e or Ex i terminal boxes, which are fixed to a holder (e. g. pipe or clamp ring) with the heater enclosure. The composition of the protection symbol is based on the types of protection of components actually used.

Technical data:

see Annex


The Heater must be operated in the specified mounting position and under the specified ambient temperature conditions. It should be ensured that the heat emission is evenly distributed and not obstructed operation of the Heater.

The Heater may only be operated in conjunction with a protective system. Function and reliability tested variations in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations are to use as safety device for temperature, flow, level etc.

The position of the temperature sensors of the temperature limiters required for the explosion protection must include the changed operating conditions caused by a phase failure in three-phase systems.

Heating of liquids is only allowed with enough liquid overlap. That can be fulfilling by level monitoring device or comparable protective measures.

For flushing medium, additionally a flow monitoring device may be necessary to secure a minimum flow.

When use in explosive dust atmospheres, adequate measures must be taken to prevent dust deposits on the heated part of the heaters.

Repairs of the flameproof joints must be made in compliance with the constructive specifications provided by the manufacturer. A repair according to the values specified in tables 2 and 3 of IEC 60079-1 is not permitted.

The Heater is equipped as standard with cable gland by the manufacturer. The cable gland may be used only for fixed installation; the operating company has to ensure an appropriate clamping method.

Cables specified by the manufacturer in the operating instructions have to be used in the heater design with direct Ex d cable entry (without Ex e connection box). If the supplied cable glands and cables are not being used the corresponding requirements in IEC 60079-14, Paragraph 10.6.2 have to be noticed. The direct cable glands in the heater enclosure DH..A0… have to be tested with 45 bar at minimum at use in explosion group IIC and below -20 °C.

The maximum operating temperature on ex-relevant components (seals, cable bushings, connection terminals) must not exceed 80 °C. At operation with lower ambient temperature less than -20 °C down to -60 °C the cable gland and the connection cables must be suitable for the appropriate operating temperature.

Unused openings for cable entries must be closed durably with suitable screw plugs, which are certified for explosion protection in the corresponding type of protection.

The special conditions contained in the respective certificate have to be noticed at use of certified components or devices in type of protection Ex i.


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